Attendance figures week beginning Monday 25 January 2021
September to date (with Reception)96.6%
September to date (without Reception)96.6%
Weekly (with reception)93.8%
Weekly (without reception)94.8%
Least LatesN/A
Best AttendanceN/A


Why is Regular School Attendance so Important?

Stoke Heath Primary monitors the attendance of every child in our school.

90 % attendance sounds good, but means that your child misses:

  • one half day each week
  • nearly four weeks every school year
  • over one school year in a school career

Our Families Team work closely with children and parents around attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential. By law, all children of compulsory school age must receive a suitable full-time education.
Once your child is registered at school, you are legally responsible for making sure that they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted. You also need to think about the negative impact upon the following:

  • their learning
  • their friendships
  • their self-esteem and confidence.

Christmas Attendance


Throughout the week the classes with the highest daily attendance collect a bauble. The class with the most baubles by the end of term win a Christmas movie afternoon with drinks and popcorn!

Forfeit Friday

To promote good punctuality, every two weeks we run a competition where children complete their punctuality bookmarks. Those who are on time everyday, earn a token. The children can then vote for the member of staff they want to complete a forfeit.

How to report pupil’s absence!!


Being on time:     

  • Gets your day off to a good start.
  • Sets positive patterns for the future.
  • Helps your children make the most of their learning.
  • Helps children to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.

Good punctuality shows respect for school rules, teachers and other children.

Did you know?

If your child is regularly late, as little as 3 minutes a day, this can add up to more than a day’s learning missed per month.  


Can we also remind parents and carers that the school gates are open from 8:30am. The school day finishes at 3:00pm. Your child’s learning starts promptly and registers close at 8.50am after this time your child will be late.

Stoke Heath Primary School encourages and rewards children who attend school regularly. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for children to win exciting prizes and celebrate good punctuality and attendance.

Holidays in term time

In line with our school policy holidays in term time will not be authorised.

Attendance Policy September 2018

All requests for exceptional leave must be requested in writing to the head teacher by using the form below.

Request for Exceptional Leave 19-20

Leave requested for exceptional circumstances may be authorised at the discretion of the head teacher. 

Absence taken in term time for holiday will be marked as unauthorised absence on the school register, unless agreed.

Fixed penalty notice

Fixed penalty notices can be issued to parent or carers if the children in their care are absent from school for any of the following reasons:

  • holiday/leave taken during term-time
  • irregular attendance including persistent late arrival to school (after registers have closed)

The Local Authority will issue a fine of £60 for each child to each parent or carer. I f the fine is not paid within 21 days, another £60 fine will be issued both must be paid within 28 days of the date the original fine was issued.