Following the further announcement on the 5th January the school is now closed for the majority of our children but is still open for our key worker children. Please see attached letter

Please find attached the Risk Assessment for Stoke Heath Primary School. This document highlights all of the procedures that the school has in place to help to reduce the risk to both our staff and children of our school;-

The government has provided new guidelines outlining the home learning requirements should your child need to self isolate either for a short period of time or indeed if we enter into a longer period due to COVID 19. Please see the link below to provide further details outlining what the school has in place;-

We have also updated our Home School Agreement to reflect the changes during this pandemic ;-

Please also find attached the latest guidance received from Coventry City Council :-

Please see the following link which provides an update for Stoke Heath welcoming all of our children back in September 2020;-

We have also produced a video about what the school now looks like to comply with social distancing;-

The school has completed an extensive risk assessment which has been approved by the Local Authority and shared with Unions. Please see the attached link;-

Please see the various links below available from various agencies who are also available to provide additional support during this difficult time.

The school is also working closely with Fareshare and we are helping our families each Friday morning 1.30 pm and 2.45 pm with food parcels.

For any visitors or contractors to the school you will also need to follow the current guidance and therefore we have attached our vistors leaflet;-

We have received new guidance from the local authority please follow the attached link for full details;-