At our school, we deliver a bespoke and personalised Stoke Heath Curriculum. This reflects the heritage of the city our children and families now call home. This will equip the children with knowledge, skills and understanding, both pastorally and academically, to thrive and contribute to life in Coventry and 21st Century Britain.  

Maths is taught through daily lessons which follow the objectives in Curriculum 2014. Additional skills lessons are also timetabled in Upper Key Stage Two to develop the children’s core arithmetic knowledge and understanding.

English is taught in half term units based around a key text, enabling the children to access quality literature across a range of different text types. Through these lessons the children will also have opportunities to develop their understanding of grammar, punctuation. Spelling is taught discretely following a whole school approach, with two lessons taught each week.

Science is taught in half termly units. The weekly science lessons are planned to enable the children to develop their investigative skills as well as learning key facts and concepts.

Details of the objectives covered in each year group can be found at

The Foundation Subjects are combined into termly topics which cover the National Curriculum for Geography, History, Art and Design and Designs and Technology. The use of ICT is encouraged in all subject areas and specific computing skills are taught separately as needed.

For more information on the topics covered in each year group can be found in our long term plan. New National Curriculum – with IT and computing Sept 2014.

To see information about the current term’s curriculum for each year group please follow the links below;-

Speech and Language Activity Cards

Please follow the links below for some activity cards that you may find useful

Language development activity cards

RE is planned and delivered in accordance with the Coventry Agreed Syllabus.

Music is taught by discretely with support from the Performing Arts Service where available. Children in Key Stage Two are also offered the opportunity to pay for individual music lessons.

PE and Swimming is delivered by teaching staff and additional specialist coaches.

French is taught in Language lessons from Year 3 to 6

Teaching of Reading

In Nursery and Reception, children start to follow the synthetic phonics programme ‘Letters and Sounds’. During these daily lessons, children learn sounds and they are given opportunities to read and write using these sounds. Alongside this, children have home-reading books that are suitable for their phonic knowledge.

As children move into Key Stage 1, they continue to progress through the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. They are regularly assessed on their phonic knowledge and are regrouped accordingly. Whilst children are still working within phase 2, 3 or 4 sounds they will be provided with a fully-decodable phonics books. When they know a more substantial number of sounds, and are within phase 5, they start to read more detailed books from the Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star reading schemes. This enables them to further develop other reading skills, such as inference and deduction. At the end of Year 1, children complete the Government Phonics Screening Check to see if they meet the expected age-related levels. If children do not meet the expected level, they have phonic intervention in Year 2 and have another opportunity to take the Screening Check at the end of the year.

Children are encouraged to take at least two reading books home every day. All reading schemes, throughout the school offer both fiction and non-fiction texts and cover a range of different text types to broaden children’s experiences and Literacy understanding. All children will have the opportunity to visit the library and borrow a book to read at home. In school we promote reading for pleasure so every class has a timetabled reading session where the children can read and share books.

Click here to see the Primary National Curriculum for English

Autumn Term 21-22

Spring Term 21-22