Key Stage 1

Spring 2019

Year One

In the Spring Term, Year 1 are learning about Ice and Cold. They children will learn to identify hot and cold places on a world map and learn about some of the animals that live in these places, considering how they are suited to these environments. They will learn about The Titanic and the main events that happened, considering what life was like on board.

During Science, the children will learn the parts of the Human body and the senses, carrying out experiments to test these. They will learn about different animals, mammals, fish and amphibians and will sort these animals into different groups.

In DT, the children will work together as a group to make their own boat, testing whether or not it floats. In their Art work the children will recreate The Northern Lights using pastels and will use collage to create a snow scene.

Year Two

In Year 2, this term we will be learning about Inventive Coventry and how our city has played an important role in the development of transport over the years.  We will be focusing on the development of the bike, car and jet engine and significant figures such as James Starley and Sir Frank Whittle.  Through Design Technology and Art we will be designing our own moving cars and looking at the famous designer Mary Quant to help us design our on patterns for the fabrics on the interior of our cars.