Key Stage 1

September 20

We are currently updating our Curriculum and therefore this section of our website will be updated shortly.

Autumn 2019 

Year One

This term the children will be focussing on ‘Fire and Heat’. As Historians, the children will investigate The Great Fire of London and understand the concept of present and past and chronology. The children will look at photos, books and eyewitness accounts for example extracts from the diary of Samuel Pepys. As Geographers they will use a map to locate London and Coventry. As Artists, the children will develop their drawing and painting skills. They will create fire images using collage and paints and marbling ink. As Designers the children will design and make a building.

In Science we are looking at Materials this term. They will learn about how to identify what materials objects are made of and will describe the properties of materials e.g. waterproof, hard and soft.

Year Two

This term the children will be focussing on the topic ‘Explorers’. As Historians the children will begin to learn about significant historical figures: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  They will understand what happened; compare the events and why they are important.  As Geographers the children will use maps and atlases to learn about the continents and oceans of the world, locating and naming each correctly.  As Artists the children will develop their drawing skills through learning about line, shape and texture to make good observational drawings of rockets.  Then they will use these skills when planning and creating their own junk model boats, space crafts and moon.  As Design Technologists the children will investigate where food comes from and what makes a healthy meal.  The children will taste different salad ingredients before planning their own meal.  Finally, they will learn how to safely prepare their salads.