Key Stage 1

May 2017

Year One

In Year 1, the children will be learning about Victorians and toys as part of the ‘Time Travel’ Topic. We will learn about what life was life at a Victorian School and the toys from the past. They children will get a chance to design and make their own toy.

After half term, the children will be learning about how Stoke Heath has changed since Victorian times. We will be conducting field work by counting the number of trees and houses in our local area. Then comparing it with old Victorian maps of Stoke Heath.



Year Two


In Year 2, the children will be learning about the seaside as part of there ‘Here and There’ topic. They will be comparing Coventry to a seaside location, Weston Super Mare. The children will learn about the difference between human and physical features of locations and develop their understanding of the terms ‘coast line’ and ‘island.’ They will learn about the importance of the seaside to the Victorians.

As part of their work on the Seaside, the children will have the opportunity to visit Weston Super Mare, where they can experience the beach first hand. They will have the opportunity to great giant sand sculptures in the style of the artist Andres Amador. The term will end with the children making kites as part of their learning in Design Technology.