Key Stage 1

September 2017

Year One

In Year 1, the children will be learning about The Great Fire of London as part of their Fire and Heat Topic. They will learn about what happened and how has changed since this time.

After half term, the children will be learning about Heat and will be learning about animals that live in hot countries. They will also be comparing what Christmas is like in the UK and in Australia.


Year Two

In the Autumn Term, Year 2 are learning about the significant historical figures: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, as part of their ‘Around the World’ Topic. They will learn about what happened, compare the events and learn why they are important. The children will also use maps and atlases to learn about the continents and oceans of the world. They will also investigate where food comes from and what makes a healthy meal.

In the second half of the Autumn term, the children in Year 2 will be preparing for a special Christmas performance which they will perform to families and the rest of the school.