Lower Key Stage 2

Summer 19

Year Three

In Year 3, the children will focus on stories about fantasy worlds in the first half term and adventure and mystery stories in the second half of the Summer Term.  Through this, they will develop their poetry, narrative and factual writing skills.  

In Science, the children will be learning about the different parts of plants and the roles that they play. They will also investigate what plants need to grow.  

Our creative learning will be based on ‘The Romans’. The children will explore who the Romans were and where the Roman Empire was located. They will also find out about the lives of people who lived during this era.  


Year Four

In the Summer Term, the children will be studying Anglo Saxon Coventry. During the topic, they will find out about how the Saxons influenced our city and local place names. 

In Science our children will be learning about how living things can be identified. They will also develop their understanding of environmental issues, including the conservation of endangered animals.  

In English, we will be using Iron Man, by Ted Hughes, to develop our descriptive writing. During the unit, the children will also write and record their own radio scripts.  

For the second half of the Summer Term, we will be using Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Outlaw’ to inspire the children to write about Robin Hood. This will include writing a balanced argument about whether Robin Hood was a hero or an outlaw