Lower Key Stage 2

September 20

We are currently updating our curriculum and therefore this section of our website will be updated shortly.

Autumn 19

Year Three

In Year 3, the children will create writing based on the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner.  They will use this to help them write a sequel to the story, write a letter from one of the main characters, as well as create a non-chronological report about a specific animal.  They will then move onto ‘UG’ by Raymond Briggs.  They will use this text to support them in their topic work and to create instructions.  They will also use a similar format to retell the story.

In Science, the children will begin by learning about the properties of rocks.  Using this knowledge, they will classify and compare different rocks and fossils.  They will then move onto light and shadows, thinking about how shadows are formed and investigate how light travels.

Our creative learning will be based on ‘The Stone Age’. The children will explore how people lived in the stone age and how it differs to our way of life.  They will research how life developed when moving into ‘The Iron Age’.

Year Four

In the Autumn, the children’s topic will be ‘Angry Earth’. During the topic, they will find out about many disasters including volcanoes and earthquakes.  They will look at where in the world these happen as well as research famous historical events.

In English, the children will be using ‘The Witches’, by Roald Dahl, to develop their descriptive writing. They will use the ideas and structures within the text to create an explanation text, a missing person report and a narrative.  In the second half of the term, they will be reading ‘I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake’.  This will support their knowledge on natural disasters to equip them to write a newspaper article and other styles of recounts.

In Science, our children will be learning about States of Matter.  This will include the different states an object can be in as well as how temperature can affect and change its state.  They will then look at electricity including where electricity comes from and how to make an electrical circuit.