Remote Learning

The government have been very clear that it is essential that learning still takes place in line with the school curriculum if you have a short period of isolation, or indeed if we enter into a longer period due to COVID-19.

The government have set guidance stating that anyone who is self-isolating due to COVID systems and is well should be continuing with their education. As you are potentially self-isolating at home for a number of days, we are going to provide you with remote learning. Our aim is to continue to support you with your child’s learning as much as we can while they are not in school. Any support you need with this please let me know.

We will provide online tools and resources as well as links to appropriate remote learning for pupils that are not able to attend school so that no-one needs to fall behind. Self-directed remote learning will be provided for Day 1 and Day 2 of their absence. This will either be given to parents as they leave school, emailed out to them during Day 1 or can be access in the ‘Covid’ section of the school website:

The governors and senior leadership team at Stoke Heath are fully aware that these are exceptional times, each family is unique and because of this, should approach home learning in a way which suits their individual needs.  We realise that the circumstances that cause our school to close will affect families in a number of ways. In our planning and expectations, we are aware of the need for flexibility from all sides. With this in mind, our school has produced a suggested timetable for parents to follow to help structure their remote learning day which can be found on the school website.

Day 1 and Day 2

Self-directed remote learning using the following online tools.

  • Spelling Shed/spellings
  • My Maths
  • TT Rock Stars
  • Stoke Heath Online
  • The Oak National Academy

Your child should have their login details in their reading record.

Day 3 of absence until return to school

Seedlings, Nursery and Reception

Phonics and maths activities will be set on Tapestry.

Year 1 – Year 6

From day 3 we will set three pieces of work each day on Seesaw. The work will be set in the morning and is expected to be sent back using the Seesaw app. Feedback will be given on the same day if appropriate.

You can download the Seesaw app onto a tablet or smart phone.

It can also be accessed in any web browser by using

We have chosen Seesaw because it will enable your child to complete work online and offline, by taking photos, recording short videos, worksheets, drawings, and voice recordings.

Please use the exercise book provided for written work. You can take a photo of the written work and upload it to Seesaw.

Learning at home timetable

At school, the children really benefit from having a set daily routine. Therefore, we suggest having a timetable for home learning to help structure your day.


  • Phonics/Spellings
  • English

Break (20 minutes)

  • Maths


  • Reading

Break (10 minutes)

  • Other subject

How long should your child spend on each home learning task?

In the activity explanation, your child’s teacher will say how long it should take for your child to complete the task. Many of the activities set on Tapestry and Seesaw can be completed offline and then uploaded for your child’s teacher to give feedback. Most activities should take no longer than 20-30 minutes to complete.