Sporting Events

Here at Stoke Heath we try to take part in lots of sporting activities. Here are just some of the school teams;-

The school takes part in various sporting events throughout the year.  Please see the various match reports listed below;-

September 2019

We’ve had a fantastic start to the school year with several sporting events taking place already.

On Saturday 5th October we held a community sport festival where people could come to try out a range of sports for free. The event was really well attended with over 1000 people trying climbing, parkour, Irish dancing, yoga, cricket and rugby to name but a few!

We’ve also hired a swimming pool and nearly every child in years 1-6 has had at least one session in the pool.

Our after school clubs are all full and we have children taking part in a wide variety of sports including football, rugby, cricket, gymnastics and netball. We’ve already taken part in 2 local football tournaments where our Yr 5/6 team won their group and lost in the semis and our Yr 3/4 team finished 2nd in their group.

In addition to this, some Year 5 children had the opportunity to visit “The Wave” and year 6 have been doing a variety of outward bound activities either locally or at Dol y Moch. Children from across the school also have the opportunity to take part in an inclusive dance project with children from around the city.

We look forward to the next half term and getting even more children involved with sport.