History of the School

A temporary school was set up on 10th September 1923, but it was on 14th January 1926 that Stoke Heath Council Infants School opened. The old log book records there being 378 pupils. The Head Teacher was Miss Bertha Evans.

The log books detail many interesting facts. For example, in 1928 the Head Teacher was paid £510 a year. It also records the school being used during an air raid in July 1941.

The photograph on the top right is from April 1972. The children were going on a school trip to Holland! The children all worn sky blue hats so that they could be easily identified.

Mr Campbell's report card
Mr Campbell’s report card

Mr Campbell has given us permission to share one of his school report cards (above) with you. You can see the different subjects studied together with a very brief comment on Fred’s achievements.

His father wasn’t at all impressed with the report!

Fortunately, Fred did pull his socks up and received a glowing report the following year.

In 1993 the Infant and Junior Schools amalgamated to form Stoke Heath Primary School. The Head Teacher of this new school was Mrs Kaisa Hopkins.

The next major event occurred in September 1999, when the staff and pupils moved into the new building.

school-entranceThis new building didn’t have the leaking roofs and outside toilets of the original, but the reduction in size meant that the intake had to be reduced to 45 pupils per yeargroup.

The school building and grounds were extended in September 2011 in order to accommodate 60 pupils per year group. This brings us to the current state of Stoke Heath Primary School.

If you would like to visit the school and have a closer look at some ot the historical artefacts, please contact Miss Kelman through the school office. If you have any photos or documents you would like to share, we would be very happy to receive them.