Staff 2016/2017

Leadership Team

Head Teacher: Mrs Jeanette Hiatt

Deputy Head: Mrs Jane Morgan

Deputy Head: Miss Jenny Purslove

Assistant Head: Mrs Rose Gunn

Class teachers Support staff
Early years NA/NB Mrs Akhlaq Mrs Kang & Miss Gill
RA Mrs Chalmers Miss Sidhu
RB Miss Boulstridge
Standards Leader for Foundation Stage
Miss Claire Barlow
 Additional Support – Early Years  Mrs Green & Mrs Hayes Smith
Years 1,2 1A Mrs Sawbridge Mrs Van Spelde
1B Mrs Rawlings and Mrs Burden Miss Fidrikova
2A Mrs Slack Miss Hogan
2B Mrs Jarvis
Standards Leader Years 1/2
Miss Kimberley
 Additional Support – Year 1/ 2 Mr Somal
Years 3,4 3A Mrs Duncliffe Mrs Jones
3B Mrs Gunn
Standards Leader – Year 3/4
Miss Subhan
4A Mr Davenport Miss Goodwin
4B Miss Pawlin Mrs Wager
Additional Support – Year 3 / 4  Miss Riley
Years 5,6 5A Mrs Grewal  Mrs Bolton
5B Mrs Donohue Mrs Levitt
6A Miss Jolly Miss Young
6B Miss Purslove
Standards Leader – Year 5/6
Miss Bailey
Additional Support – Year 5 / 6  Miss Canavan
Additional Teachers
 Mrs Gill
Additional Support Staff
Miss Burrows (EAL), Miss Fidrikova (EAL), Mrs Sugars (PPA cover and SEN support), Mrs Pollard (Sports TA)
Families Team
Miss Bowen – Family Support Manager
Mrs Guise, Miss Booth – Learning Mentors
Play partners
Mrs Symonds-McGrory, Mrs Pollard
DRA Manager
Mrs O’Rourke

Support staff

Site Service Officer
Michael Petch, Shaun Levitt
Business Manager
Claire Preston
Office Manager
Ann Stidworthy
Receptionist/ Admin Clerk
Natalie Stokes