Teachers’ Areas of Responsibility

Name of teacher Area of responsibility
Jeanette Hiatt Strategic Direction
 Louise Kelman  Strategic Direction, Child Protection, Health and Safety and CPD
Jenny Shepherd Inclusion, Assessment, NQTs, Peripatetic Music, Year 5/6 Leader, The Curriculum, Learning, KS2 Curriculum Tests, Teaching and Learning, Work Experience,  Trainee Mentor
Rose Gunn Phase Leader EYFS , Child Protection, Extended School,  Vulnerable, Well Being Lead, PE, Inclusion
Matt Davenport Middle Phase Leader, Activity lead, Computing, EVC
Natalie Jarvis  Music
Rose Lockley PSHE
Michaela Wilson Science
Lindsey Rawlings Well being Lead, RE, ECO Schools
Emma Burden Languages
Emma Slack Art and Design
Tom Dubock History
Eva Pawlin Design and Technology
Clair Chalmers Geography
Sharon Jolly Maths
Laura Boulstridge Phase Leader 5/6
Sukhy Grewal English
Kerri Sugars Line Manager to lower school TA’s
 Lynne Bailey Line Manager to upper school TA’s,